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January 12, 2010

{New Years Resolutions...just a lil late}

You know what? I don't usually New Years Resolutions. I don't ever stick to them. But this year, I'm really going to put forth some effort. I only have 2 resolutions though. Unlike some others who make tons lol. So here they are.
1. Get in Shape- I weighed myself today ladies. I am officially the weight I was the day I delivered G. O_O Yeah. I weigh as much as I did 9 months pregnant. I am stressed about it a little. But I'm on the right track. D is going to start watching Bug in the afternoons so that I can go for a walk without bundling him up and everything. It's much easier to motivate myself to get out there and walk if I don't have to spend half an hour dressing Bug and getting him situated for a 20min. walk around the "hood". I also started my Teabo again. I know, I know. No one does that anymore. But it really works for me. I was getting tone and losing weight the last time I did it and I lost interest. Hopefully the "challenge" I'm participating in on my mommy forum will help me a lot. I'm not super competitive, but I am super motivated after seeing that number on the scale this morning *shudders*.
2. Dog Treats- I started trying to sell dog treats online months ago but hit a wall. There are just so many dog treats online and so many people just choose to make their own. But this year, I'm really committed to making this business work. I love baking my treats. I love knowing that a dog that eats one is 1 less dog getting the crappy kind at the store. I love it! I want to prove to my family the haters that I can make this work and I can make money at it! I just have to figure out how to market them...and where lol.

So there are my resolutions for the year. We'll see where I am by December, or hell we'll see where I am 3 months from now, right? lol Wish me luck ladies!