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January 26, 2010

{ADHD, MMR, & Steak 'N Shake}

Today was so exhausting, if only because I had to get dressed before noon and leave the house. I hate that. I swear I could stay in my pajamas for the rest of my life. No joke. They call to me every single second I'm not in them. Is that weird? Well screw you, I'm a SAHM with no where to go most of the time lol.

Anyway- I took G to the doctor this morning. I really wanted to get him back on his ADHD meds and hopefully get his grades under control. She put him on a new kind and we made an appointment to come back in a month to see how he's doing. I really really hope we can get this under control. He is so all over the place and can't focus on 1 single thing for too long. It makes me crazy and I know his teacher is probably going crazy too. I don't want him to struggle in school any more than he already has been, you know? At this age he should still be enjoying school, not hating it the way he does. While at the doctor they informed me that he had not gotten his MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) shot so I went ahead and had them do that. But being the horrible cautious mommy that I am I also had them do the H1N1. Since he had already been diagnosed with it once, I didn't want to chance him getting it again and having it worse than before. So he got 2 shots, both of which he screamed at the tops of his lungs for them to stop it took like a champ. My grandpa treated him to Steak 'N Shake afterwords..I assume all is forgiven. You know what though? Even at 7yrs old, watching my buddy get those 2 shots and hearing him cry out for me (mama no less!) had me (almost) in tears. I hate it. HATE. I can't say I hate too many things but shots are one of the things I HATE.

A couple weeks ago I blogged about going to court for Child Support (which I have since deleted deciding that I didn't want to make that BS public). Well, SD and I talked the other day (text actually) and he apologized for being gone so long and that he just wants to be the man and father G needs. That is all fine and good. Lets see if he sticks to that. So far he has not made an effort to do much but text me that night. He asked for a picture of G via phone, I sent him 2. When he asked when he could see him, I told him a good time for us and he canceled on me claiming the baby (his other son) had a doctors appointment. He could have seen G had he tried. I dunno. I've still really got my guard up about this, but at the same time, I want G to know that I'm not the one that is holding his father back from him, his father is doing this himself. We shall see how this reunion goes.

On a lighter note, D rented 500 Days of Summer the other day. I couldn't get into it. I know if it was just all too predictable or if the fact that the lead female is so freakin' monotone. I just didn't like it. D said it was pretty good...he doesn't know what he's talking about though. X-Box 360 + Modern Warfare 2 have rotted his brain. See this movie at your own risk.