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January 22, 2010

{F Bomb Friday}

I would like to know why pens, markers, and crayons are so exciting for 2yr olds. Seriously. I mean, sure you can make pretty pictures with them and present them to your mommy or daddy, in which case you usually get a "Oh what a pretty picture" and "I love it!". But really, what's with the excitement over them? Bug is friggin' addicted to the damn things! He has written on the Drama Queens walls (with permanent marker no less), my kitchen cabinets, the TV in the toy room, hell the kid has even drawn on my fridge! But his absolute favorite  thing to draw on? Himself. Of course right? Why wear clothes when you can draw them on yourself *ugh*. This morning however, was particularly annoying. I was sitting in the living room watching a little TV, relaxing, all that jazz, when I realized Bug was being quiet. This is rare. So rare that it caused me to jump up and see what kind of trouble he was getting himself into. I walked into the toy room to see him sitting on his little army chair (also writing on that), in his diaper, singing, and drawing himself a shirt *sigh*. What makes this annoying is that I searched high and low for pens yesterday to put them up and get them out of his reach. Where he found this nasty little lone pen is beyond me and it has since found itself in the garbage, as I believe it to be The Devils Pen. Stop laughing! At any rate, he is now clothed, still covered in pen. It's a good thing this kid is so damn cute.

 This picture was actually taken 2 days ago when I found him using my DS..with pen all over him. *Sigh*

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