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February 7, 2010

{It's good to be a girl sometimes...}

Did you hear that? Wait. Listen. Hear it? That my friends is the sound of 2 adults, parents actually, letting out a joint sigh of relief to find that their long awaited (so, a couple weeks but really, that's a long time to wait for money lol) income tax check had finally been deposited onto their account. Whoops and Hollers were heard through out the house as I read D's answer to my text "So are we rich yet" on Friday at 11am. I'd waited that long to text him only because I didn't want to bother him and have him in a bad mood if it hadn't come through yet. So to receive a text seconds later that simply read "we'll def. be going shopping tonight" sent me into a fit of glee! I was so excited to have a little money in the bank! The minute D got off work he went to pay a few bills that needed to be taken care of. He paid off our Cilco bill (which they'd put us on a payment plan for), the phone bill, Direct TV, and Aarons (my laptop & camera). Our goal was basically to pay off all the little bills, and preferably not acquire any more. Then we went shopping. Ooooh how I love to shop! Friday I just bought a long brown sweater (so warm). Saturday I went shopping with my mother and step-sister in the morning, bought nothing (we'll get to that soon), but then went back to the mall after picking up my sister and she helped me pick out some cute things. Don't act like you don't wanna see them either! Check it out!


I also got the brown sweater and a pair of dark colored jeans that are in the washer right now lol. I also bought myself some white wife beaters (so D can have his back haha) and more unmentionables. :) I'm just so effing happy to have a little money to spend right now.

And, listen to this one, D wants to go to Iowa with his grandmother and all 4 kids the weekend after V-Day. His grandma got a free room up there because she frequents the casino. It's going to be a good time! I'm kind of excited about it. Someone needs to explain to men though that swimsuit shopping is not something a woman who is trying to lose weight, enjoys doing. Bastard men.

I also got this today.. I shall let you speculate as to what it is and why I got it.