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January 9, 2010

{Survey Saturday- A baby was in my tummy!}

Any complications while in labor?

Did you have any morning sickness?
-With G I had more night sickness than anything. I didn't have anything like it with Bug though.-

What sort of things made you sick?
-With G the smell of grease made me SUPER sick and anything that even smelled like a taco :(-

Did you have any weird food cravings?
-No weird cravings. Mainly just fast food and ice with both.-

Any mid-night food runs?
-Yeah. My grandpa made midnight runs to Steak-N-Shake ALL the time when I was pregnant with G.-

Who made them?
-My grandpa.-

Any thing you craved that wasn't so healthy?
-Everything I craved wasn't healthy lol-

How big was the baby?
-G was 6lb. 14oz. and Bug was 7lb. 12oz.-

How long were you in labor?
-With G all night and until the next night. With Bug, 6hrs.-

Where did you give birth?
-G was born at OSF and Bug was born at Pekin Hospital.-

Do you plan to have another baby?
-No. I can honestly say I don't.-

A Mom's World...

How many kids do you have?
-2 of my own. 2 step kids-

What kind of laundry soap do you use?
-Arm & Hammer-

What kind of dish soap do you use?

Who does the dishes in your home?

Who takes out the trash in your home?

Do your kids do chores?

How many times to you vacuum a week?
-A few.-

Do you make your bed everyday?

Do your kids make their beds?

What is the most annoying things your kids do?
-Keep saying "mom..mom..mom" when they can see I'm busy at the moment.-

Do your kids play sports?
-Nope. I want to get them into something this summer though if we have the money.-

How often do you get a manicure?

How often do have a girls night out?

Are you a single parent?
-It would look like it from the way this survey is going wouldn't it? But no, I'm not.-

Did you have both parents growing up?

How often to do go to the grocery store?
-Probably once or twice a week.-

What is your favorite thing your kids have done for you?
-Gaige makes his own breakfast some mornings I love that :)-

How often do you sweep?
-I don't.-

How often do you mop?
-I don't. I get down on my hands and knees with a rag and a bucket. That's the only way to get it clean.-

Do you have step kids?

Was your mom good to you?
-For the most part.-

Do you spank your kids??
-No. It's pointless.-

Did you get spanked as a child?

Did you have a good childhood?

Do you think your kids have had a good childhood?
-I hope so.-

Do you spoil your kids?
-I think they are very spoiled.-

Do you smoke?
-God no. That's disgusting.-

Do you drink?
-Not usually.-

Do you bite your nails?
-Not any more.-

Do you yell alot?
-Yes. I'm trying to stop. It's hard.-

Are your kids well behaved?
-Better than most I've seen.-

What is your favorite thing to cook?
-Mac&Cheese lol-

What is your kids favorite food?
-Pizza and Mac&Cheese-

Do they eat veggies?
-Drama Queen will eat them if you don't actually tell her what they are. G will eat anything that isn't green. Bug will eat pretty much anything that I do.-

Do you give them soda?

Do you drink soda?
-More than I should.-

What is your favorite movie?
-I have way too many! I love movies!-

When was the last time you went to the movies?
-Iron Man was in theaters the last time I saw a theater.-

Do you think you are a good mom?
-I think so yes. I could be better. But I could be a LOT worse.-