February 15, 2015

{Adults Only Weekend!}

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day and spent it with someone you love. Be it a kid, a friend, or a significant other. 

As I posted before D got me a new laptop for Valentine's Day this year. So I wasn't expecting too much in the way of gifts on the actual day. In fact, I wasn't expecting anything more. He'd already spent so much on my laptop and I'm not greedy. 

But on Valentine's Day at 8:30am I woke up to him saying "babe wake up, I brought you caffeine" I just wanted to sleep lol. But on top of the caffeine (soda not coffee) I also smelled some yummy Hardee's! So I drug myself out of bed and picked up my food off the small table in the dining room. As I walked into the living room with it, he said, "You aren't awake yet are you?" I said "No" lol. When am I ever awake completely at 8:30am? Never that's right. So he gets up and brings me a card and a small grey box. I opened the card first. Which I was expecting to be cheesy and most likely mention something far too inappropriate to mention here, but it wasn't. It was really sweet.

To my Wife,

Sometimes we get along perfectly. 
Other times, WE DON'T.

Sometimes we get each others jokes.
And other times, WE WON'T.

But despite our differences,
I've learned a thing or TWO-

I've learned the only place for ME,
Is right here next to YOU.

Pause for the collective Awwwww :). 

In the box was a small heart shaped necklace. A firefly by Brilliance necklace. It's so pretty! I love dainty jewelry. I've secretly been wanting a necklace like this for a long time but I didn't want to ask for one. I wanted him to just see it and know I'd love it. I haven't taken it off yet!

I can't believe he did this for me :). Well, I can because he's amazing, but I can't at the same time lol. I love him so much!

Later we ran to Costco and got some of our shopping done. Then around 4pm we were at the movie theater seeing 50 Shades of Grey! It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. But I also didn't like some parts.I really didn't like how it didn't feel as intense as the books made me feel. When I walked away from those books I was so affected by the emotion coming off the pages that it felt like I was the one going through it. The movie did not have me feeling like that. It wasn't horrible though. Just wasn't as good as I know it could have been. It all felt so rushed and it probably was. The wanted to get it out by Valentines Day, and that was smart. They raked it in 82 million dollars doing it this way. I wish they would have held off a while longer though..and made it something the majority of the fans would have been happy with. I do have a new found love for Jamie Dornan though lol.

After that we stopped at Taco Bell. And then home. 

In all it was a great day! And I've had a great and very relaxing weekend. Tomorrow the kids come home from my grandparents house and it'll be back to the norm until spring break. 

I have loved spending all this time with D kid free. But I'm kind of ready to have them home with me now. 

How was your Valentines Day? Did you get kid free time?

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