February 12, 2015

{Rambings While Waiting}

So I'm sitting here in the parking spots for the school and I just got the urge to blog! Not that I really have much to talk about. Everything is going pretty smooth around here.
Well, I shouldn't say that because as usual Dawn is giving us fits. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this kid. I try so hard to keep my cool when I'm punishing her. I gave all of her Christmas gifts to her because she was being so good. I warned her that if her behavior reverted back to what it has been in the past that I would clean out her room. I can't handle any more of the BS. Everything was fine for 4 days. And then she got in trouble at school (and got another detention) for being disrespectful to her teacher. What happened was that she didn't want to do what her Social Studies teacher was wanting them to do. So she began making noises and after being asked repeatedly to stop she was told she could stop or go to the office. As she was walking out of the room she says to her teacher  "I didn't want to be here anyway". Yep. That happened.

When I heard that she chose to go to the office I wasn't surprised. She will purposely get in trouble at home to get out of doing her chores or to get out of doing something she doesn't want to. She has always done this. It makes me crazy. And she knows that too.

Anyway, she got home and was 7 kinds of pissed at me because I informed her that I was not kidding when I said I would take everything back. I won't bore you with the details but there was a lot of pouting and stomping and refusing to complete chores/homework.

(left) When she got home. This is her on the kitchen floor. She laid this way for a long while. (right) She then got mad again and she stood on the dogs pillow. This is the world I live in people.

In the end though she did it of course. I didn't even have to yell. I refused to get worked up about it or to show any kind of emotion about it honestly. I simply told her after about 3hrs that she was doing what she was supposed to and that was all there was to it. End of story. Ugh. Someday I hope she has 10 kids and they all act exactly like her!!

The boys have been doing good though. Gaige still has rough nights. He misses my grandpa. As do I (and the rest of us). We are trying to be there for each other. I hate that I can't call my grandpa and let him explain it to him. He has always been the one that could make it OK. But no. He's not there. And Gaige is just as broken as the rest of us over it. Maybe a little more since he didn't get near enough time with him. *sigh* We are making it through though. Every day we cry a little less. Every night it takes him a little less time to fall asleep. He made this pillow (and later my nephew & my cousins little girl made one too). He sleeps with it every single night. I find it weird lol. But at the same time who am I to say how he should cope with this?

That's my 3 year old niece with Gaige and his "pawpaw pillow".

Owen lost two more teeth! And I had a serious mom fail and forgot to play tooth fairy. I know! I'm horrible. He looks adorable with his 2 front teeth gone though lol. His teacher sent home a little progress report (they don't have actual grades yet. They're just evaluated on where the teacher thinks they are). In it she said "he doesnt start to work right away" and "he doesn't take responsibility for his education". What? Lol He's 7. Maybe I'm just not seeing the problems because Gaige has actual learning difficulties but I don't see either of those things as a serious problem. Am I crazy here? When I think about things she should be bringing up it's along the lines of he's having trouble understanding or his reading, math, ect isn't where it should be. I don't enjoy her. I've said this all year lol.

I have also been planning our summer trip to the dells this summer. Its effing hard. Finding a hotel there is ridiculous. Any suggestions would be amazing!