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February 8, 2015

{ #weightwatchers Weigh In Week 4}

Uuuuugh!! I could literally kick myself in the face right now!! I am so mad. And the worst part is that there's no one to blame but me.

I had a gain of 2.2lb this week. I'm not quite sure what happened. I do know that I have been going over my daily points quite often and I snack late at night. So that's most likely the problem right there.

I also haven't been going to the gym like I should. Which annoys me but it seems like every single time I attempt to get back in the swing of going, something happens and my mornings are changed some how. Then I don't go. So I don't get my points from working out. You'd think I would be in there every day no matter what.

I have discovered that Golds Gym (where I go) is pretty dead at night so I think I might make an effort to go over there in the evening when I can't go in the morning. At least then I would be able to get my activity points. *sigh* This is just not going as well as the first time.

On the subject of activity though I did wake up this morning and decide to go work out on a Sunday! I did 20min at a faster pace and high incline (3.0 and 6.0 incline). Then I took it down to 2.0 and a 4.0incline for 20min. Then I took it down a little further for my cool down at a 1.7 and a 1 incline for 10min. It's quite effective. I did three miles and ended up burning almost 300 calories. I think that's pretty good. When I quit going I was up to a 3.5 speed and stayed at a 6.0 incline. So I'm not that far off. It makes me feel a little better ya know?

Anyway- so that's my weigh in and my frustrations for this week. I really hope that I can drop this 2.2lb by this weekend. I'm trying really hard.

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