April 28, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 16}

So this week I feel like I did pretty good. Until the weekend which seems to be my problem time. There's no real schedule so we all just sort of snack all day. Its hard to stay on track when the kids are constantly wanting something to eat.

I didn't do too bad though I don't think.

I lost .4lb this week. Not exactly what I want to see at this point but certainly better than a gain.

In the spirit of this being a new week and almost a new month, I started going to the gym today. D got me a membership at Golds Gym Express. Its pretty nice. Today was my first time going.

There's tons of equipment, although I just staid on the treadmill. We walked for 30min and I was done. Which surprised me because I walk the track by my house and I can go for an hour at a time. D said that it's different on a treadmill though because you're not just walking on the flat ground.

When I went to get off of it I had "drunk legs" lol. I deffinately almost ran into a wall lmao.

The gym also has a room where they play a movie on a large screen (like a theater basically) and you walk while watching the movie. Which is kind of right up my alley :). I might do that on the weekends or something. I don't know.

But anyway, I've started at the gym.

In other news, I canceled my weight watchers subscription but I am still following the program. I found an app that let's you count points just WW, but there's no subscription. The app (true value diary or something like that) is $2.99. I also still log things on MyFitnessPal (themrsturnbow).

In all, I've lost 11lb since Jan 6th. Which isnt too bad right?

How are you doing with your weight loss?