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May 4, 2014

{A Kid Free Weekend!}

I think its obvious by now that I am not one of those moms that doesn't ask for help when I need it. I call on my grandmother all the time to help me with all of my heathens.

So I called on her Friday. It has been about 3mo (maybe more) since the last time I was completelu kid free. I always have at least one kid here. And since Cassie moved in, its been 2. And let me tell you, its exhausting! I always thought that the older the kids got the easier parenting would be. But no. Its just a new set of challenges.

Instead of lugging around a diaper bag full of stuff and carrying them around on my hip all day; I'm constantly making sure they aren't lying to me and that they're getting their homework done. Its absolutely ridiculous.

So this weekend, after all kinds of drama with both Dawn and Cassie this week (more of the same crap, I won't even bother wasting your time), I had to get a break. Grandma took both boys and Dawn. Cassie went to her step dads parents house with her sister. There was such a calm in the house when all of them were gone. It was amazing.

I sat at home while D was out on the bike Saturday. Then at 3 we met up with my dads family for dinner at Avantis. Which sucked as usual. I do not like Avantis. We got a movie on our way home (Secret Life of Walter Mitty..not worth the money), and stopped to get dog food.

Today (Sunday), I was up at 830 -.- and cleaned the toy room. Where I found gum stuck to the wall and some on the carpet. Ugh. I got rid of some of the toys and things that they don't play with anymore and rearranged things a little bit. It looks good up there right now. I doubt it'll stay that way long lol.

I don't know what the rest of the day holds. I do know that there is laundry needing to be folded and that I don't want to do it lol.

So how was your weekend?