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April 17, 2014

{You'd Think I'd Be Passed Out...}

But I'm not. Today was such a trying and emotionally draining day.

Cassie got her phone (my old S3) taken from her for her grades being so ridiculously low. And as I'm sitting there next to it on the couch, I see that there's a text message (one that was not there before) to her boyfriend (she has a texting app by the way there's no data on this phone anymore).

So I open it up, a little confused. Turns out she took her iPhone to school (the reason she was using my S3 was for the tracking G+ provides and so I can keep tabs on what she's up to). I was pissed to say the least. She hadn't even been grounded a full 8hrs yet! That is some shit Dawn would do (and has done). So I'm sitting there fuming all day. My heart is racing and my brain hurts from thinking about it all.

Oh I should probably tell you that this was not the only thing I found on her phone (and before you comment and say "She needs privacy" fuck that shit She is 16, almost 17, and she lives in my house. If she wants privacy she can get an apartment and pay her own rent. Until that day comes I will do as I please). Oh no. Not even close. I'll spare you some of the other crap though because it was ridiculous.

This one thing had me absolutely pissed off though. See, Cassie had been going from the library to home and back since she moved in. We figured how much trouble can she get in within 3 blocks of our house. Especially when she was usually taking Gaige with her. Well, turns out she had made a plan to meet a 23yr old guy that used to hook up with her best friend! Yeah. And she took my kid with her to do that shit. At first I thought it was the day she went down to the river on the bikes with Gaige, which had me even more pissed. Turns out it was the library. But still. I don't know this dude she's talking to. All I know is that he's 23 and talking to a friggin' 16 year old. Doesn't really sound like an upstanding guy does it? Ugh.

So when D got up and after he had been awake for a while, the subject of her grades came up. And that's when I jumped on it. I told her I wanted her iPhone, her iPod, and iPad (yeah..) and asked her which one she had been texting Clinton on. She admitted to taking the iPhone to school because she couldn't connect to the WiFi at home (password). D basically chewed her ass for about an hour. We caught her in a ridiculous amount of lies. It was just...ridiculous. I've known some liars in my day but she just takes the cake. D brought up her mom and how she kept saying she wants to be nothing like her, but that she's on the right path to becoming her. And he told her that his trust in her was completely gone now. Which, I never really trusted her in the first place. I can spot a manipulator a mile away. And I called it about the 2nd time she was at our house.

In the end she got all of her devices taken. They're currently in my room under lock & key. She has to ride the bus to and from school (because she messaged some guy and told him that she only had time to mess around with anyone in the 45min to and from school). Her days and nights will now consist of school, homework, chores, bed. She can watch TV but that's about it. D is even making her go to bed at 9pm. She has not privileges basically.

Oh and the best part? My sister messaged the guy she was going to meet lol. She just spelled out what it meant for a 23 year old guy to be hooking up with a 16 year old girl. Which I found hilarious and I love her for it.

So yeah, that was my day. Anyone care to chime in on how theirs was?