May 5, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 17}

Ladies I am currently 13lb down!!

I can't believe it. I weighed in this morning at 194.8! That means I lost 2lb in 1 week.

I have been really good about staying within my points lately. I don't think I went over my daily points once this week. Which is awesome because we ended up going to Avantis for dinner with my dads family. I stuck with what I knew, I ordered a salad and didn't even eat all of it.

I have been drinking soda but not quite as much. I don't feel like I need it anymore. Which is good for me lol.

My work outs are going really well! I went to gym and did the treadmill every day. On Friday I walked 3mi at a 3.0incline and 2.7mph. It was kind of amazing! I did not go on the weekend because I felt there would probably be too many people there. But that's fine. Everyone needs rest days. I will not rest any other days though. 2 days a week and that's it!

And honestly I feel so much better about myself now. I am starting to find that a lot of my shirts are getting loose and I have to stop wearing my 33 jeans because they fall off my butt lol. I'm wearing the stretchy 31s now :). Those are men sizes by the way, I buy my jeans at Vanity.

So yeah that's what has happened this past week on weight watchers. Is anyone else having a good week? :)