April 21, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Weeks 14 & 15}

I know its probably annoying that I keep doing 2 weeks at one time. But when I have a bad week I just really don't want to talk about it. Especially when its my own fault that I'm screwing up. Which is what happened last week. I was 198.6 which means I gained .4lb. Ugh!

This week though I got down to 195.8 and by weigh in day I was back to 197.4. Which is a lost of 1.8lb. So that's awesome :).

That being said I'm sticking to points and tracking. I don't really workout or anything. Which I need to do because I feel like my tummy would go down a lot faster that way. But we shall see.

On Sunday (Easter) we went to my grandparents house. It was a good time :). I stuck to my points and ended up going on 2 walks! Its days like that that I wished I lived closer to my sister. She makes me get out of the house and walk. And that's what I need honestly. Someone to just kick my ass about it lol.

While I was there I got on the tablet we bought my grandma for Christmas. She had a picture on there that I'm guessing I took before I started weight watchers. Or maybe shortly after. I could really see the difference in my face. So I put them side by side. Seeing things like this, helps me to know that I'm doing good and I'm working toward my goal!

I will get there eventually. It might just take a little longer than I hoped.