April 11, 2016

{Vacation Spots on my Bucket List}

D and I have recently been talking about what we plan on doing when he can retire/when the kids are finally out of the house. We both want to travel. Since we will only be in our 40's when Owen 18, we know we will still be young enough to do all the things we've had to put off because we just don't have the money for it right now. We figure that when we're done raising our kids, and we don't have to worry about buying their clothes and paying for lunches, that we will have tons more money to spend on ourselves and all of our dreams. And we have a few!

So I thought I'd share some of the places we've talked about going to before we kick the bucket.

1. Disney World- Yes I am fully aware that we are planning a trip for this winter, but we've been planning this trip for years. As much as I want to believe it's going to happen this year, I can't be sure. And the closer it gets to December, the more skeptical I become. Something always gets in the way! The last two years it was Cassie. Who knows what will come up this year. I just really want to go!

2. Vegas- Isn't this almost everyone's vacation destination dream at some point? D keeps telling me we aren't going anywhere near there, but after I found out Backstreet Boys are doing a trail run residency there, I demanded we make a trip lol. I went once when I was about 15 but naturally it wasn't as exciting as it would be as an adult. We didn't see any shows, we just ate at Planet Hollywood and walked around Caesar's Palace (I think).

3. Beverly Hills- I have an obsession with celebrities. I've always wanted to spot one. This seems like a good place to do that right? Not to mention the amazing shopping! Plus, this is where my favorite movie of.all.time was set! Pretty Woman ;)

4. Italy- Now this one is probably never going to happen. Mainly because neither I nor D is big on flying. But if I could go anywhere in the world, it would most likely be here.

5. Greece- I have wanted to go here since I saw Mama Mia. The water the views the history. Are you kidding me? I love it all and I want to be in the middle of it!

6. Popeye's Village- I didn't even know this was a place until recently. It popped up on my facebook and I immediately tagged D in it. He loves that movie. This is the actual film set in Malta Europe that was built specifically for the film and just not torn down. He would totally geek out over the whole thing lol.

We obviously want to go to different places in the US too. Basically just go from one end to the other. But these are the places I would love to go.

*Sigh* Someday right?

Where's your dream vacation?

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