April 13, 2016

{Weight Watchers Again}

I've been thinking about rejoining weight watchers for a while but just haven't been able to justify the money. Then it hit me, I don't know when or why, I need to lose this weight. I need to be healthy. I need to fit into my clothes!

I have been counting calories for the last month. I've been good about it. I rarely go over my calories, I haven't been working out or anything really but still..I've been tracking. I haven't lost a single pound. Well, I take that back I lost two-three pounds and then yesterday I weighed myself and not only had I gained those back, I gained another pound. How is that even possible?! Looking at that weight I got so discouraged. I wanted to eat everything. Everything in the house and under the sun. I am so tired of my weight not doing anything! How is it that I've been cutting back for a month and nothing is changing?!

So today I realized that I had enough swagbucks points to cash them in and get enough for a month of weight watchers. So that's what I did.

I'm excited to start this again. It worked pretty well the first time around with points plus so I'm hoping their new smart points will work just as well. Last time I was on weight watchers I lost about 18lb from Jan-April. I remember how it felt to be there and see people I don't usually see and for them to tell me they could tell I'd lost it. My grandpa even commented on it when I met him to exchange kids one day. He said he was so proud of me and I looked good. I want that and those looks again.

Not to mention, we're going to Disney in December and I don't want to be behind the camera the entire time with no evidence of having been there myself lol.

I've taken before pictures. I'm going to post them here because I don't think I can handle putting them on IG or Facebook. I need to see the progress through pictures though. So you'll probably see them about every month.

As for weekly updates for progress, I won't be posting every single week about it like I did the first time. A lot of the time I didn't really have much to say and it was silly to make a whole post about it. So I'll post my progress on IG and I'll post about it here maybe once a month or so? Or every other week? I haven't decided yet.

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