July 1, 2016

{I'm Too Old For More Babies}

D and I have been saying we're done having kids for years. Owen was the last and he will stay the last. But secretly I have been wanting another. I silently hope for a surprise baby.

Until today that is.

Yesterday my sister text me and said that her friend was hospitalized and was having contractions. She is only thirty three weeks so they were attempting to get them under control and make sure baby girl stays in a few more weeks. She left her one year old with my sister.

But my sister had to work today, since I was already planning on coming to pick up my nephew to watch him for the day she asked me if I'd be willing to watch baby too. Of course I said yes! My baby fever is real folks. 

I had him from around 7:30am to 3:30pm. He was not a bad baby. Not at all. He's a one year old. So I expected him to behave like a one year old. Which he did lol.

We did all kinds of things today. Like get pissed off because I wouldn't let him stick his fingers in the fan and then get pissed off because I wouldn't let him climb on a table. Then there was the time that he got pissed off because the dog was laying on his blanket.

There was a lot of being pissed off going on.

But he was so damn cute too! Like when he ducked behind a chair and then popped up and said "there he is" *haha* I guess someone plays a lot of peek-a-boo with him. Or when he got tired and let me rock him to sleep. I miss doing that.

But as good as he was, spending that much time with someone who needs me for everything made me come to terms with the fact that I am too old to start over with a new baby. Chasing him around all day was murder on my body. I have a headache still (which I had last night too but it didn't even dull today).

I think I'll just enjoy the time I have left with my littlest and be glad that the next round of heathens to come through my doors will either be nieces/nephews or grand kids (lord let that come around later rather than sooner!).