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April 2, 2016

{Greetings from Grandma's House!}

Uuugh. Why must my appliances hate me so? I mean, I know I run them into the ground with my constant use but isn't that what they're made for? We just bought our drier (used cause we're poor) a few years ago. Yesterday when I was attempting to get some laundry done for the week ahead (since the kids return to school on Monday thank the lord), I noticed that it wasn't putting out any heat. Lovely. It was still putting out air though so I didn't really worry too much about it. I figured the heating element went out (just like our last drier) but that it would still dry them, it just wouldn't get warm.

I went to do a load of towels (that we desperately needed by the way) and realized it wasn't putting out any kind of air at all. I was less than thrilled as you can imagine. So I text my grandma at 10pm and asked her if I could commandeer hers, she of course said yes. So I'm sitting here at her kitchen table, waiting on the first load to finish washing. I've got about four (that's not counting whatever is up stairs since Gaige and Dawn never bring their clothes down!) to do. It'll probably take me the better part of the day. Why do other peoples washers seem to take forever but mine is done in like 10 minutes?

Also, my grandma isn't here (her, my great aunt, my cousins kid, and Gaige went to Chicago on a train). So it kind of feels like I moved back in. I mean, I've got my laundry here, two out of three of the kids are here, and I just made grilled cheese.

Oh! D and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary yesterday (yeah..on April Fools Day). We didn't do anything special. He slept cause he's working this weekend, and I bought him an air compressor lol. We are so romantic. He did get me Schooner's wings though (which I devoured) and gave me control of the TV so I could watch Dead7. He also got me a card which was sweet. We don't put too much emphasis on our wedding anniversary. I mean, we've been together 12 years in May so this four years on paper doesn't really feel like a drop in the bucket compared to that. But go us for not killing each other in those four years. A lot of couples who have lived together for a long time and then decide to get married fall apart soon after. We're not that couple though. Woohoo!

So that's my day. How is your weekend going? Are your kids still on spring break?

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