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March 30, 2016

{The Downside of a Fitbit Flex}

Now I can only speak for the Flex, because that's the only one I've had experience with, so all fitbits might not be equal. This is also my opinion and what I've noticed after wearing it for the last few months. So here we go.

I love my fitbit. I'd been looking or a step counter for a long time and just never managed to make myself splurge on a brand name one. So D did it for me. He got me the fitbit flex in pink for Christmas.

It's pretty user friendly. I set up my account fairly easily and linked it right to my phone. I started wearing it 24/7 and taking it off only when I showered. I even wore it to bed and tracked my sleep patterns. In all it's a great device and I do recommend it to people often.

But there are a couple downsides to it that I've noticed.

For starters, if you're not swinging your arms it doesn't count steps. I noticed this after my first outing where I was needing to push a grocery cart. If my arm wasn't swinging then I wasn't getting steps counted. This is a huge pain for me. A lot of my walking is done while pushing a cart. Which means that while walking on the treadmill I can't put my fitbit arm on the bar or it won't count. I've got a solution for this though, I hook it to my shoe lace. A little inconvenient sure, but it tracks every single step this way. I actually did it for the first time today while shopping. I got twice as many steps as I normally would have because it actually picked up that I was walking. I had already been doing this on the treadmill. So if you don't mind wearing it on your shoe, then it shouldn't be much of a problem for you.

Something odd that I've also noticed is that if I'm sitting and rocking in our recliner, it counts it as steps! I have sat for an hour at times doing nothing but flipping through channels (I know, so productive Kristin!) while rocking away, and I'll look at my steps and I'm way further along than I should be. And sometimes it even tells me I've been active! When all I've been doing is rocking. So you should watch that if you're a rocker like myself.

Those are really the only two things that are downsides to this device. I love it otherwise and wear it constantly.

I know this was pretty short lol.

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