April 22, 2016

{Take This Not That: Hospital Bag}

I think most of us have been in the position before. You're standing in your bedroom, belly so big you can't see your toes, empty over night bag sitting on your bed waiting to be filled. You've packed and repacked the diaper bag, it's been ready for a month now. But you're bag? You have no idea what to put in there. Should you take PJ's or wear the hospital gown the whole time? What about make up? Will you be feeling like putting that on? What about clothes to go home in? How much actual stuff do you even need? What's a waste of time to pack? I know I sat there on my bed for a while trying to figure out what was needed to take the second time around. The first time, there was no hospital bag. I had no idea what to put in one, I didn't even realize I needed one. I figured the hospital would supply me with everything I'd need. And they did for the most part. But it certainly would have made my stay easier if I would have known what to bring to be more comfortable. For my birth with Owen I knew what I'd need for the most part, but ever the over packer, I ended up taking way more than I actually used.

So I figured I'd do a little list of things you should take vs things that you'll probably never even take out of the bag.

Do Take:
Slipper socks. Hospitals are ridiculously cold. I'd suggest picking up a few pairs of slipper socks just to keep those piggies warm. They have awesome ones at Walmart for $6.

Comfortable Pajama's. They give you the lovely little gown, but who wants to be in that thing for two-three days straight? No one. So I brought my comfiest pairs of PJ's. I should warn you though, giving life to a human is messy business. I would not recommend taking your favorite PJ pants or going out and spending a ton of money on new ones. You will almost definitely end up covered in some kind of bodily fluids (be it your own or that of the person you just brought into the world). Bring ones that you don't care about, that if you end up soaking through with something or another it won't matter and you won't be sad if you have to throw them out.

Your own underwear. The hospital supplies you with paper panties. Although quite stylish, they are not comfortable. Just like the PJ's bring some that you don't mind throwing away. For the love of God do not be that chick who thinks thongs are a good idea. You will be begging for those paper panties in seconds.

Pads. I hated feeling like I was wearing a diaper after I had Gaige. So when it came time to have Owen I brought my own pads with me. I got the Always night time in long. They cover as much area as a hospital pad, but they're not as thick.

Snacks. I can not stress this enough. I am a snacker. I was in hell not having access to food anytime I wanted it for five days (we stayed longer with Owen). If you're also a snacker I would suggest packing some for your stay or having someone bring them in after you're settled in your room. You'll thank me later.

Don't Take:
Styling Tools. I don't know what on earth made me think I would want to do my hair after giving birth, but I brought a hair dryer and a straightener. You know what I ended up doing with my hair for the entire time I was there?

That's right. I pulled it in a pony tail or I left it down and let it air dry. I didn't use a hair dryer or my straightener even once. Cause screw all that extra work.

Your entire makeup bag. I brought with me the entirety of makeup collection (which wasn't as big as it is now but still...). I did end up putting on a little makeup as you can tell from the pictures above. I mainly did it just to feel human again. I would suggest bringing whatever you use on a daily basis. This is not the time to try out a new concealer or get some use out of that new Urban Decay pallet. Just bring a few things. You might find you don't even want that.

Pre-pregnancy clothes. Unless you're my sister (who walked out of the hospital the same size she was when she got pregnant), you are not going to have your pre-pregnancy body back before you're discharged from the hospital. I'd suggest your comfiest maternity pants. You will most likely want to be presentable (for pictures) but you don't have to look like you just stepped off the runway.

OK I think about covers it. If you have anything you found that you could not have lived without while having your babies, let me know in the comments!

Obviously this list doesn't include the obvious things you should bring with you that are just common sense (toothpaste/brush, camera, phone charger, ect.).

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