April 18, 2016

{I'm a Binge Watcher}

When I signed up for Netflix again I had no idea what kind of door I was opening for myself. I love movies and I love TV and I have been through a bunch of them already.

I went through Switched at Birth first. I originally started watching it when it was in its first season on ABC Family. But I quit watching when we got rid of cable. So I have four seasons to get through! Yay for multiple seasons! I finished it pretty fast. But now I have to wait until June (I think) until the fifth season comes out.

D and I ended up also watching Orange is the New Black. Once again it was a show we had already watched the first season of, but we went ahead and rewatched anyway so that we could up to speed. Once again, we have to wait for the next season to come out to find out what happens.

I am currently watching Gilmore Girls. As in, right now. While I'm writing this. I'm only on the second season though. So I've got quite a bit left to get through. I never watched it when it was on TV. I don't know why. I do this with a lot of shows. I can't jump on the band wagon until it's over lol. I love it so far though.

So what are you guys watching? Anything good? Do you binge watch too? I know I'm not alone in this obsession.

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