April 21, 2016

{Remember When I Wanted You to be Little Forever?}

I can remember the days passing by so fast that I begged them to stop. I wished so hard that I could slow things down, make you stay little for just a while longer. But with each passing day you got older. I dreaded the day you'd leave. The day I'd help you pack up your childhood room and move your things to your own apartment or to a college dorm.

And then you turned thirteen. I can honestly say I'm counting down the days to when your laundry, homework, and hygiene are no longer my problem.

In just four short years you'll be on your own. Oh yes kids, you're out at eighteen. I have no desire to deal with the I'm an adult I can do what I want bullshit that is sure to come once you hit that age. And I'm really just not sorry to say it.

Will I be sad to see you go? I'm betting most likely. I will probably mourn your childhood for a day or two. But then I'll turn it into a home office or a workout space. Because that's what people do when their kids move out right?

I know there are so many people out there that dread the day their kids move out. They cry at just the thought. Maybe it's because I've been a mom for the better part of my adult life? Maybe it's because those thirteen year old attitudes are getting the better of me. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm counting down the days!

I said to a lady one day, while she was watching Gaige give me a ridiculous amount of attitude It's amazing how you want them to stay little and hope they never grow up, until they're teenagers and then you can't wait to pack their bags. It's true.

Tell me I'm not alone here people!

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