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April 15, 2016

{Stickerkid Review!}

A couple months ago I was approached by stickerkid.com to review their products. My first reaction was to check out the website and make sure it was actually legit (I've gotten similar emails that were just spam). Sure enough, it was a real business. A business with all kinds of cute labels! I love labels! So I emailed them back and said of course I'd love to do a review! I didn't hear anything back until a couple weeks ago when I messaged them from the website directly. The lady I spoke with was quick to get me into their affiliate program! I was pretty excited. I'm a pretty small blog and I've been trying to grow to get to the point where I could do something like this for a long time.

So they gifted me some products and I'm doing my review of them right now!

A little about the company, they're based in Miami Florida (so yay for being made in the USA!) and cover a wide range of high quality, durable, labels for your kiddo's items. They claim on the website to be dishwasher and washer safe. They have a great selection and the prices are pretty good for the quality. You can customize each sticker name, phone number, ect. and choose from the few stock pictures they have (I chose monsters for Owen) or you can upload your child's own picture to some of them! These would be great if your child is in day care or going to camp for the summer (they actually have a section of labels just for those).

I got label stickers for Owen's clothes, water bottle, and school supplies (for next year).

First impression of these stickers is that they're plastic feeling instead of paper like normal stickers. Which would probably be how they're water proof. They went on easily. Owen actually got into them and ended up putting one on the kitchen floor, it peeled off easily also without leaving that gooey spot or pieces of the sticker on the floor. That might not be important to some people, but I thought it was worth a mention. Chances are if it'll do that on my floor, should I want to remove it from other things it'll behave the same way.

My first test for these stickers, was his snack cup. He loves to take his Minion Snackeez to school with him so he can have a drink through out the day, and also have his snack right there, but I'm always afraid that someone is going to steal it or mistake it for their own. Not to mention he's eight years old and he's not always at the top of his remembering game (unless the PS4 is involved). I have tried Sharpie but it washes off pretty easily and it was getting pretty annoying have to keep writing his name on it. So on the stickers went. The pamphlet they sent with my order said that you should wait 24hrs before washing them, so that's what I did.

It held up so well! No peeling or fading. It still looks brand new!

I also got three ID tags. I was really excited about these. They're made of metal, not plastic.

 As you know, we're planning on a big vacation in December and I have been thinking about getting some tags for the kids luggage. Not that we're going to be flying, but you should always have your luggage marked when going on a long drive like that. To test out the tags and durable they are, I attached one to his book bag. I didn't really know how else to test these out. I really like them though. It stayed put.

So that's my review! If you'd like to test out these awesome products you can click here and see if there's anything that might work for you! :)

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