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April 25, 2016

{AMA Trials!}

Gaige and D's dad have recently begun hanging out. Well, not really recently. He sort of stepped in when my grandpa passed and has taken Gaige under his wing. They spend a lot of time working on motorcycles and hanging out. R (D's dad) got Gaige an AMA (American Motorcycle Association) membership and signed him up to do trials for this Sunday (yesterday). Gaige was so excited about it! He loves to off road with D and his dad. I was a little apprehensive about it simply because Gaige isn't the competition type. And we are not those parents that force our kids to be in sports to participate in things they're not into. But I wasn't going to be the wet blanket. I will happily sit there in the heat to support Gaige in whatever activity he chooses to do. But I will never push him to do something he's not comfortable with.

Anyway, D, R (D's dad), Gaige, and my Monkey (my nephew) left at about 7am yesterday morning to head an hour away to this thing. My grandma, me, Owen, and Dawn were following a little later.

The race was supposed to start right after the riders meeting which was supposed to take place at 10am. That did not happen. Why? Because some jackass decided to try to show off before the whole thing even got started and broke his arm. And instead of packing him up in their car and taking him to the hospital someone called 911. Two cop cars, a fire truck, a smaller fire department truck, and an ambulance came to take care of this guys broken arm. What? When I broke my ankle there was no ambulance. Dave packed me up and put my ass in the car. And that was my ankle.

After about an hour of that business they finally held the riders meeting and things could get started. Or so we thought.

There was then just a lot of standing in lines waiting for your turn to go through the obstacle part of the course.

 When it was Gaiges turn to finally go through the his first part, D walked him through it.

But then we hit a snag. Gaige, as I said, is just not a competitive kid. He also gets discouraged and embarrassed easily around other people. So he ended up heading back to us and not wanting to continue

He claimed to be hot and so he took off his helmet and laid under R's truck to cool off. He went back out for a little while again and then came back and road off down the drive way and refused to do anything else.

That's when my grandma, me, and the kids (except for Gaige) left. If he wasn't going to ride then there was really no reason for us to be there right?

In all the day wasn't horrible. Gaige tried something he has never done before to see if he liked it, and he decided he didn't. He probably won't do it again. He prefers to just ride his motorcycle around our family land or out at the motorcycle clubs land. He doesn't want an audience full of people who are more experienced than him. I'm sure some of you can relate. He's a shy kid.

So that's how my Sunday went. How was yours?

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