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September 28, 2014

{Bathroom Revamp pt 1}

D tends to start projects and not finish them. We put the new tub in at the beginning of the summer and although the tub got put in and 2 of the shower walls are up, the one with the faucet is still not up. D says he needs to do some plumbing and extend some pipes before he can put it up. That is just one thing that sits unfinished. We still don't have a sink in there because he has to add a board to mount the sink we bought to. There is apparently no stud where we want to move the sink. Not to mention there is a big hole down by the floor from tearing out the tub and the flooring we bought to put down is still sitting in a closet waiting to be put down. I'm hoping it gets done before Christmas but I doubt it will.
So today in an attempt to make the bathroom more done I painted. I needed a new shower curtain anyway so I went ahead and bought one and bought paint to match :).
I'm pretty happy with it and I'm also glad I got something done in there. Even if its half assed lol.