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September 19, 2016

{Another Project}

I feel like we keep starting projects around the house and nothing ever really gets completely finished. I started the bathroom but got to a stand still because there are things I can't do without doing other things that I can't do. It's insane. The upstairs still has studs but no dry wall. That has nothing to do with me because I don't know how to hang dry wall or run electricity through the walls we're putting up. So I'm basically waiting for D to decide he wants to finish it. He swears up and down that it'll get done when it gets cooler and he can't be outside anymore. Which makes no sense. He should finish it when it's warm out so he can open windows and let the place air out. But whatever.

But I decided I wanted to remove the contact paper from the cabinets and drawers last weekend. I was met with an eye roll and a "OK" laugh. He insisted I wouldn't be able to do it and that it was too hard and a pain in the ass. I got the main cupboards done in a day. I've two left to do and the drawers. The two cupboards I have to do are too high for me to reach so I have to bring in the big ladder to do it. Either way though, I showed him it's not as hard as he thought it was lol.

When I was a kid my grandma and mom would both rearrange furniture and paint while we were at school and be done when we got home. It was no big deal.

Then I decided I wanted to paint the cabinets white too. To which he rolled his eyes again saying I would get it almost done and then quit. Just like the bathroom. Which kind of pisses me off because I can't finish the bathroom if he doesn't do his part too. And he won't. So it's going to look like a half done project until he does his part.

Anyway, I ended up painting the cabinets and got new hardware for them and the drawers too. They look so much better!

I even put Dawn to work removing the paper from the top of one of the shelves.

I have one coat to do on the cabinets that are on the other side of the room and one door left. Then I'm done. I'd like to paint the walls too but I might just do that when he's sleeping sometime...like I did the living room.