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July 24, 2015

{Upstairs Revamp Part 4}

Who would have thought I'd be blogging about this again so soon. It seems like months between house update posts. Usually because it is. But now that we finally have some extra money (well, not so much extra..its just not going to child support anymore) we can get down to business. It seems like every time we start something though something always comes up and we have to put everything on hold for the millionth time. To tell you the truth I'm to the point where I'd rather just sell the place as is and take a loss than deal with it anymore. But we can't do that. I wouldn't really want to anyway I don't suppose. We bought the house because we wanted to make it ours. So far we have half done the bathroom, half ass painted the kitchen, and the living room floors need done. It's ridiculous.

But with the two older kids getting, well, older, we thought we best do their rooms and get them divided before it becomes an issue. Ya know? Not long ago I wrote about how D framed the boys room wall to separate the two rooms. We still had to knock down some dry wall on Dawns part of the room though. He decided to handle that tonight and to hang her door.

Yes folks, Dawn finally has a door. She is still missing a wall but that damn door is up. He insists that this weekend we can go ahead and frame it so that he can start running electrics and put up the dry wall. Of course I documented this process for you all.

Taking down the left over dry wall. We intend to reuse this so he was attempting to be careful. One less thing we have to buy right?

Look at how much bigger the room looks. I was sitting on Owens bed taking that picture.

Positioning the door. Turns out the ceiling is not as level as it should be. But the door was level just the same.

And would you look at that? I swinging door!

We fixed the holes in the floor from a rotten piece of wood too. And when I say we I really mean I supervised. The dresser that was on the other side of the wall is now in the closet. I don't think it's going to stay there but it depends on how much room she has when the walls are up.

So there we have it. As soon as the walls are done we can pick out flooring. Finally.