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September 21, 2014

{Oh what a Weekend}

It started boring enough. Hanging out at home on Friday night as usual. Saturday morning however I was at 730am and at the gym by 830am. I didn't stay long, just half an hour and only did the bike. But I knew I needed to get some kind of burn in. So I did. Then around 11am we left for D's family day where he works.

To be completely honest it wasnt that great. They had 3 bounce houses, face painting, and balloon animals. Schwans was there with free ice cream and there was popcorn and snow cones. But there wasn't a lot to do. We did get to walk through his building though and see the machines. They did a demo of how they pour the iron into the molds (he works in a foundry) and that was pretty cool. In all we spent about an hour and a half there. They also had free food. I didn't get very many pictures. Dawn got her face painted but she refused to look at me like she was having fun to let me take the picture. So I didn't. And then there was just nothing more exciting to take a pic of lol. The boys bounced for a while but you couldn't see in there.

Sunday D left in the morning to go on the bike with his dad. Me and the kids headed to my hometown for the day for a family reunion. There weren't a whole lot of people there. I sat and talked to my brother and sister in law most of the time lol. But I did get to see my monkey and Soapie. I ate far too much also. My brother picked up my camera and took some pictures lol. I'll post a few here but the rest are on my Facebook :). So there we have it. My extremely exciting weekend ;).

How was yours?