September 18, 2014

{Garage Saling & Bday Planning}

Owens birthday is just 2 weeks away. How can this be? How can he be turning 7 already? I told him today that I'm gonna have to have another baby cause he's getting too big lol. He said OK. But he doesn't want me to have a girl and when I told him the baby would get all my attention he changed his mind lol. He decided he's gonna be mommy's baby forever :)

I went Wednesday and got the party supplies. I chose an Avengers theme sort of. I got a table cloth with them on it and then I got blue, green, and red ones to go on the other tables to match it. I also got Avengers plates and regular white ones. I also got his new Spiderman bike! He hasn't ever had a new one before and he picked this one out a month or so ago. He's gonna love it!

Today I went to a church sale with my grandma, my sister, and my SIL. I was hoping to find Owen some jeans but they didn't have any. I did find Gaige a couple pairs though and a Mary Kay travel make up bag. The kind that folds up. I only spent $10! I thought I did pretty good. He needed jeans too. Not quite as bad as Owen but still needed them.

Then again, when do kids not need jeans or clothes of some kind.

And now I'm sitting here in the dark and comfort of my living room watching a movie I'm embarrassed to admit I like lol.

This weekend we have D's family day at work. There's supposed to be rides and bounce houses and food. Then Sunday is my family reunion. Its been a busy couple weekends. I'll be glad when we have a calm one again.

Stay tuned for our adventures :)