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July 13, 2015

{Upstairs Revamp Part 3}

It feels like forever since I wrote about any remodeling we've done to this house. Honestly except for the bathroom (which still isn't finished a year later) we haven't had the money to do anything around here. Child support is over now though, so we are free and we can finally get this place the way it should have been!

Ever since we moved in I've thought it was silly that we only technically have two bedrooms because only two rooms have closets. This could have easily been turned into a four bedroom before we bought it and we would have paid more for it. But it wasn't. We, however, need those extra bedrooms. So this is exactly what this house will be when we're finally finished with it.

This space right here is where the chimney was. The dark square on the floor right there is where the chimney hole is, we had to knock it in over time and remove the bricks. We slowly filled it in also. The lighter colored square is where the old vent was. They took it out long before we moved in, as it was covered with carpet. So D just took that out too and sealed it up. To the left is all that divides Dawns room from the boys'. We are going to remove it to the wall that has the heating vent on it and then framing it to give her a whole wall. There will be a door way pretty much exactly where this space pictured is I believe.

D already framed part of the boys' wall. We have to get the door and frame that and then we can do the other side of the wall and start hanging dry wall. The space where you see the dresser is going to be the closet also since there's not a closet in that room.

It's nowhere near done but it's coming along. It seems like we always have something to spend money on though so it's taking a lot longer.

I have faith that eventually it will be done though.
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