September 24, 2014

{A Day at the Dentist}

The dentist is always a stressful trip to take with Owen, actually taking him anywhere that people who are not a normal part of his life are going to touch him, is stressful. He just is not OK with it and normally I'm fine with it because it means he's not likely to just let some random person put hands on him ya know? But when he has to let someone touch him..I would rather he not scream like they're trying to kill him. Which is what happened at the dentist the last time we were there.
This time he was a little better. We prepared him and we knew they were going to give him gas so he would calm down some. Getting the gas in him was the hard part. Once that happened he was a little calmer. They did end up putting him in a blanket and velctoing him in so he couldn't swat away at them while they were working. He didn't know he was strapped in, he just knew they put a blanket on him cause he was cold :). It was a turtle blanket too so it made it all the cooler.
He ended up with a filling on one tooth and on the other side he had a tooth that needed a baby root canal.

Gaige also had a cavity filled but he of course handled it like a champ since he has had it done before.
$1,000 later and we are cavity free. No more sugary drinks and limiting candy from now on. I'll admit I was never one of those moms that worried too much about it, but now I am. And this will not happen again. They both have check ups in January (along with Dawn) and then we will get her referral for braces.
After we were done there we stopped at McDonald's for ice cream since they hadn't had breakfast and they couldn't chew anything yet (numbed mouths). And then they each got a game from the video store.
And all is well again, until the numbing meds ware off and then I expect Owen to have quite a bit of discomfort.