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November 4, 2015

{My First J.O.B}

Everyone has their first job story. Mine is pretty boring...probably just like yours. But unlike most, mine revolves around a guy..or actually a couple guys. I was 18, what do you want from me?

I had been seeing this guy for about five months when all of the sudden he just sort of disappeared. I went to his house (he was living with his friend and his friends mom) one night and his friends mom said they had packed up and took off in the middle of the night one night (if I remember right). I had no idea what to think. For starters, I was a little hurt that this guy who I'd invested my time in for the last five months, didn't think enough of me to let me know he was moving out. But also, why he had gone was a mystery. The friends mom though they had gotten into some trouble and needed to get away. She insisted they were in Florida.

I continued to talk to her over the course of the next couple months. I went over there another night hoping to find out if she had heard anything from them recently or not. She hadn't. But she did have two new guys living in her house (a couple friends of hers). When I started talking to them one of the guys (Bret) mentioned he was the manager at a small fine dining restaurant a few towns over from me. He said he could get me a job as a bus person if I came in to see him.

Well of course I said I'd see him the next day. I was 18, I wanted more freedom. I wanted more money. I wanted a life outside of searching for this douche bag who had ditched me.

So the following afternoon I went to this small fine dining restaurant attached to a small wine store (both owned by the same person) and asked for Bret by name. He got me a job right away. I was quick to learn that Bret was not a manager, but a server lol. The manager (a guy named Greg) was less that pleased that Bret had invited me to the restaurant. I have no idea why.

There were a few other servers there when I was there. All of the stuck up. All of them believing they were better than everyone else. Except Bret, who probably also believed he was better than everyone else but he was also always trying to get in my pants so he was nice to me.

Working there wasn't horrible. They were only open in the afternoon so I got there around 3pm and then was out by midnight. I'd like to say I made a lot of good friends there but I didn't. I'm a pretty likable person. I did become good acquaintances with another female bus person. We only hung out once though after work and to be totally honest, I'm not a pot head...and she was. I also went to a party (just one) with the rest of the staff. No one was mean or rude, but I was not then, nor am I now, a party girl and they all enjoyed that kind of life. So I wasn't too excited to hang out with most of them.

The job itself was pretty easy. I served water, never food, and drinks. I cleared places and changed table cloths and made sure people had what they needed when the server was busy with another table. I made salads (from a bag) and cut bread (also from a bag). I brought the coffee. I basically did all the grunt work.

I worked there from October to around April or May. I only stopped working there because the manager (Greg) erased my name from the schedule after I told him he needed to stop taking people when the restaurant was supposed to be closed. I was pissed. We had almost a full dining room and all the other servers had left! It was just me and Bret that night. I walked out and didn't go back.

So that's the story of my first actual job (aside from babysitting..which I also still did during the day while working at the restaurant).

None of the people I worked with worked there much longer after I quit I don't think. And I heard recently that the place and wine store closed their doors. I haven't been back there since I quit though so I don't know.

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