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November 2, 2015

{Happy Halloween!}

We had such a low key day today. Which is just how I like a holiday. Low key. Easy. No drama.

The first thing we did when we got up was head to D's grandmas house. The kids hadn't been over there since before Owens birthday so it was time. We sat there and visited for about two hours. It was nice. Until his aunt (she lives there also) mentioned that my grandpa had died..she asked me actually. She has

Alzheimer's so it's not like she was trying to be mean or anything. But I had to leave the room. I haven't had someone ask me about him in a while, and no one had asked about his death in almost a year. It was rough. This time of year will never be the same. His grandma came out and apologized to me for her, there was nothing to apologize for though. I knew she just didn't realize what she was saying. It was OK. It's just not something I can talk about without crying. Sometimes it's just a few minutes and I'm fine, other times it stays with me all day. This was with me, all day long.

But I took a nap and pulled myself together.

The night went well despite the gross weather. We headed out to the good neighborhoods right off the bat because I knew that Owen would be done as soon as the candy covered the bottom of his bag lol. We parked the car and walked around for about an hour and a half. It sprinkled a little bit, but nothing too awful.

As I suspected, Owen was done about half an hour in, but continued to collect candy for a little while longer before complaining he just wanted to go back to the car and that he had enough candy lol.

 Dawn kept going for a little while longer and we just followed her in the car. Of course Owen was eating the candy that we'd stuffed in the back of my car lol. Heathen!

And now we're home, where the kids are watching a movie up stairs and I'm sitting here thinking maybe I should just go to sleep.

How was your Halloween??

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