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November 18, 2015

{My Kids a Genius!!}

OK OK! I know he's not really a genius. Well, he might be. D did test at a genius level and actually went to a gifted school when he was a kid for a little while. My brother is also a genius. But to my knowledge, Owen is not a genius. I'm pretty sure every mother thinks their kid is one though.

Anyway, I had Owens parent/teacher meeting yesterday and it went so well. I am so proud of him! And he is absolutely the easiest of my kids when it comes to dealing with his teachers. He never gets in trouble, he's pretty shy, he gets good grades. I wish the other two were this easy!

When it comes to reading he ended the year last year at a J reading level, she said that most kids either regress or they stay the same over the summer, but he had actually advanced to a friggin' K! So he jumped a reading level in three months! Ahh! Of course I can't take any credit. I give all credit to the video games he plays and the videos he watches on youtube. He has to read to be able to navigate around and it's only helping him in the long run. So I don't put any stock in people saying video games are bad. They have helped him so much!

She also said that he actually raised his hand to share the other day! Now, if you know my Owen (which you probably don't lol) you know that he is painfully shy most of the time. It took him forever to warm up to my brothers and sister! Hell, he didn't even care for D's grandma most of the time! It's pretty insane. But he's coming out of shell finally!

She said he does need to work on his get up and go. When they're supposed to be writing or something he often just sits there like he doesn't know what to do, but he does know. So she has coax him a little bit to get him into gear. Once he starts though he's good.

She said he's also very emotional and that the only time she has ever had him pull a tag (their form of punishment) he cried so hard and she had to calm him down and she didn't end up writing on the back what it was for. So I guess it didn't count? He's such a sweet boy and he wears his heart on his sleeve so it's no wonder he got upset when he thought he was getting in trouble. He does the same thing at home.

The meeting went really well and I really like his teacher. Which the teachers in this district seem to be really hit or miss. I think we all remember me bitching about his teacher last year right? Blah. What a pain.

So that's how that went. He is right where he should and is on the right track for next year! Yay!

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