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February 27, 2014

{Wasting Breath}

I feel like every single word I say to Dawn is just me talking to a wall.

Last Wednesday I made a deal with her to try to improve her behavior both at home and at school.

I told her that for starters if she could go until that Friday without getting grounded at home or in trouble at school, she would get ungrounded. After being grounded for getting yet another detention for her behavior at school. She managed to make it to Friday so I kept my word.

I then told her that if she could make it until the next Friday (so 1wk) I would take her to get her nails done at a salon. She was super excited about that! And honestly so was I. We never get to do mother/daughter stuff because she is always in trouble. So this was something both of us could do and she could be rewarded for her good behavior.

Well yesterday I check my email and find one from her teacher. Dawn was being so disrespectful and just refusing to do things. She got mad because she couldn't get on her tablet for as long as she wanted to. She got mad because there were no computers free. It was just awful from what the email said.

So naturally I talked to her about it and because she got in trouble at school she isn't going to be allowed to get her nails done this weekend. I told her I was so disappointed in her and had she not behaved that way she would have just had to make it 2 more days. She was pretty upset but I was not going to reward her for getting in trouble again.

I told her that she would have to start her week over.

Also, I'm starting to wonder if she doesn't have some form of OCD. When her schedule gets messed up, she can not handle it. She gets all pissed off and often that's when she has her bad days. I know that doesn't excuse her bad behavior but it might explain it a little. Ya know?

Thoughts anyone?