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December 24, 2012

{Merry Christmas Eve!}

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I absolutely love Christmas! This year though just doesn't seem like Christmas. When I was a kid we would spend Christmas Eve at home (If I remember right) but Christmas Day was spend hopping from my dads parents house to my moms dads house and back to my moms moms house (where us 4 kids live). It was pretty hectic. This year though my dads parents aren't having Christmas because my grandma is in the nursing home after breaking a leg (again). The only place we went was this morning to D's grandmas house. It was a good relaxed time :). D, unfortunately, has to work tomorrow. Yeah, on Christmas Day. BS right? So we let the kids open their main gifts, the ones that are from us.

So tomorrow when D gets home from work (unless the kids are awake at 5am) we're going to open what Santa brings :). Next year I swear if he has to work Christmas Day I'm gonna freak out. I hate having to wait to see the kids reactions to everything they get lol. But also, so we don't have to sit around and stare at the gifts under the tree and stockings full the kids and I are gonna go to my grandparents house.

So stay tuned for those pics ;)

What do you do on Christmas Eve??