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February 17, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 6}

OK girls I have got to get my eating under control. I'm having a very hard time staying within my points lately and it needs to stop. There for a while I was doing really well. If I went over it was only by a point or 2 but lately I'm using my extra points as a way to snack on unhealthy foods. Its no good :(

That being said I did have a loss this week. I'm down .6lb from last week which put me at 203.4. Meaning I've lost 3.6lb in a month and a half. This is no good either.

At this rate I will not meet my goal of 180 by the time we leave for vacation. I'm not happy about that at all.

And working out is near impossible. D doesnt go to bed until around 3pm these days and that's when the kids get home. If I want to work out I have to do it in front of him...and I hate that. I don't want someone watching me and while I do those workout dvds. Especially not when he says I'm doing something  wrong and tries to do it better than me. Which pisses me off and I just stop. Not very productive right?

This weather isn't helping any either. Normally I could walk down to the park with the kids or go on a bike ride or something. But it seems like winter is just never going to end this year. Blah.

I know I know! Stop making excuses lol.

How is YOUR weight loss going?