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December 26, 2012

{And Now The Wind Down}

I love Christmas. But I'm also glad its over. No more running around like a chicken with my head cut off to make sure I have something for all my kids and anyone else I have to buy for. No more dinners and parties dictating where I need to be. None of that. I am finally able to sit down and just breathe. Well that's not entirely true. Today (of all days) I decided I wanted to go shopping and let the kids spend the money they from D's dad. I should have known that was a mistake.

 We went to walmart first. By the look of the parking lot I thought it was going to be wall to wall craziness. Surprisingly though it wasn't. It was just a lot of people spending gift cards and using their Christmas money. I didn't see a long line out the customer service center so that was a good sign lol. We walked around for a while in the toys cause that was the only place the kids wanted to look naturally. Drama Queen was annoyed that G had won the 50$ from the grandparents house...he was obviously ecstatic about it lol. He couldn't find anything to buy though and although the little boy found a toy he wanted they all 3 chose to go to Game Stop across the parking lot and get something there. So that's what we did. But first mommy picked up a little something for herself ;).
I have been wanting to try this since I first heard itsbl0ndie on YouTube talking about it. Excited to see if I like it as much as she does.

Game Stop was a friggin' mistake all over the place though lol. Its like every friggin person in town was there. But we walked around for about 5min before little boy found Battlefield. He picked that up in a hurry. It was only $7 (was marked as $9...so thanks D for being such a game that you have an account there lol). He was excited about that. Drama Queen got 3 DS games cause they were buy 2 get 1 free. And G got Modern Warfare 3 and a headset/Mic. So as you can imagine all 3 kids were pretty happy with their purchases.

We then went to Big Lots which was pretty dead. Little boy ended up with some kind of power ranger knife and I got 2 perfumes and a new bowl for Prissy that she can't chew up :). They are all 3 on a device now that we are home and not bugging me. *Happiness* I still want to go to Target cause I got a gift card but I might wait a couple days. I know it will be crazy over there.

So what does your day after Christmas look like?