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December 28, 2012

{Little Christmas Haul}

Since everyone loves to show off what they got for Christmas..I figured I'd show off mine too :).

D insists that this was my gift this year. He said that he could have easily made me keep driving the van and gotten himself a truck since it was his car that took a crap on us just a couple months after purchasing it from the neighbor (which I told him not to do in the first place cause I saw it coming a mile away). But instead he found this one for me and took my van as his work vehicle. At least until either this summer or next year when he does finally buy himself a truck. It's the newest vehicle I have ever had. Most of our cars are in the 90's (his caprice is an 88 or something like that lol). I friggin' love it!!

A 2005 Hyundai Tuscon
 To go with said awesome vehicle he got me something I've been wanting for a while but could never bring myself to buy for my van.
These have saved me so much time trying to find my car in a parking lot. Seriously. 
In September I let go of my favorite comforter. It was a white down one that we'd had for years. I loved it because it was so warm, but hated it in the end because it was spewing feathers by the pound. It seriously looked like we were plucking chickens all over the house. So annoying. But I told D that I was not getting rid of it until we had found another one to replace it. I found one at walmart and fell in love with it :). We said we'd buy it later because we didn't have the cash right then. So yeah..he came home about a week later I think, and told me to go get something out of the back of the car. I found this little beauty waiting for me..
The warmest most comfortable comforter in the world. Get one. Right now. I'll wait....
And now for the only thing I even asked for this year (since I didn't need a new camera lol). A tattoo. I have been wanting another one since I got my first one when I was 20. D wrote out 'I love you' and the guy tattooed that on my wrist. 
This was all from D. From his grandmother (the only other person who gives me gifts..) I got a gift card to target. With which I purchased these lovely items today.

It's just a shirt ($14), some nail polish remover, Essie polish in Fishnet Stockings, and some base coat that I've heard good things about. I still have a little left on there lol. I am a target fan.

I wanna see your Christmas haul!