February 24, 2014

{ #weightwaters Week 7}

Well ladies, a loss is a loss. Even if it's only .4lb. So over all, since I started, I've lost 4lb. -.-

I'll take it though. It's not a gain and I didn't just maintain. Which annoys me to no end.

I am starting to see changes in my body though. D's sweats are getting too big for me. Not that they've ever really fit, but now they're starting to really hang off of me :) I have a pair of yoga pants that were too tight for me a month or 2 ago, and they're a little loose on me now :). Which is pretty awesome.

I still haven't started working out like I want to. I just can't handle doing it front of D or when he's somewhere to hear me. And by the time he goes to sleep it's almost time to pick up the kids. When he leaves for work, I'm ready to go to bed. I have no desire to work out at 10pm. Plus, it doesn't do anything anyway I'm told. Blah. As soon as it's warm enough I'll start walking again.

As long as I've lost a decent amount by the time we go on vacation. It will all be worth it :)

How is your weight loss going?