January 27, 2013

{Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's off to Disney we go!}

I have wanted to take the kids on a vacation for years but haven't had the money. Well this year we kinda do. On our date night Friday we ended up at Bass Pro (after a dinner at Chili's). As we usually do on date nights. And of course we got roped into talking to the time share guy. This has the potential to turn into a really long story so I'll attempt cut to the chase. We got to talking about Florida and how I wanted to meet the princesses (what? All girls are princesses damn it!) And he said they have a resort not that far from Disney. All we have to.do is sit through this time share seminar. I hate this things. Anyway I guess we are now going to Disney. Since Bass Pro will put us up at a hotel. D is thinking we should rent a big van and just drive down. He shot the idea of taking my grandparents rv. But he would rather rent a van from someone he doesn't know (that annoyed me if you can't tell). I'm busy making plans and as long as they don't do another lay off like right before Christmas then we will head to FL if they do then we can go to Branson. Either way we are taking a real vacation this year!! And while we are telling good news...I lost 2lbs last week. If I do that every week until summer I can get a suit that isn't made from a tent lol.