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January 24, 2013

{I'm No Decorator}

Oh my goodness. It is no surprise to anyone that knows me that I can't decorate. I have lived in this house for 2yrs now and have painted exactly 1 room, and that was the kitchen (and it's not completely done because I got bored and stopped when I got down to the final touches). We're holding off on the bathroom because we have to completely rip out the floor and 1 wall (thank you douche bags we bought the house from!). We did redo the floors in the dining room and the living room though. And we ended up painting what is now the toy room because the teenager was staying there...she isn't anymore.

The toy room. It used to just be a really pale blue. Now it's purple.
The dining room during and after. Never. Again.
The living room before & after. We painted the floors instead of sanding them this time.
The bedroom is hard for me though. I've never gotten to decorate (paint and all) a bedroom before. Sure I'd painted in the house D had when we first started dating, but only in the kids room. I didn't bother with it in our room. Anyway- this is our bedroom right now (after spending the better part of my afternoon today moving the furniture). 
Excuse the unorganized mess please. I know.
To the left there is a closet and obviously out of the picture in the right hand corner is the rest of the bed. I have 2 night stands (that don't match) also. On the wall at the head of the bed is a small window up super high. I'm told it was used when the house was built to let out the heat the would rise (no central air..we're working on that for this summer). I doesn't open.
I went searching on pinterest today to see if I could find anything that would help me tie in my comforter color (a deep red) with my sheets color (a cream color). I found this. And this is how I'm going to paint my room :-).

We're going to paint 1 wall (the one at the head of the bed a red color. Then the rest of the walls and the ceiling a cream color. The trip will probably be cream also. I eventually want to rip up the carpet (probably in the summer) and paint the floor in there also. So yay me! Finally figured out what I want for the bedroom lol. D was saying we should use a matte and gloss for the cream and stripe it like my sheets. But I don't know if I could handle that lol. It sounds like a lot of work...actually it is a lot of work, we've done it before lol. So I'm not super excited about doing something like that.

Anyway- just thought I'd share my excitement :). Since D has to work Saturday (his first day of O/T for 2013!) and the kids will all 3 be with my grandparents, I'm going to take advantage and paint until I can't paint anymore :). Of course I'll be posting pics as I go. So be sure to be subscribed to either my twitter or my facebook and watch me create my dream bedroom. Minus the walk in closet (*sad face*)