October 9, 2015

{Owens 8th Birthday!}

Who's idea was it to have a party outside in October? Ugh. OK...it was me. I'm the idiot that planned that. We suffered but we got through it and everyone had a good time!

We decided to have his party at the zoo this year instead of at the house. Mainly because I didn't want to clean the entire damn house...and of course there was always the fact that our house is under construction and it looks like a pile right now.

Of course it wasn't supposed to be freezing out. When we planned the party the forecast was in the 70's with no rain. On our way to the zoo however, there it was, rain. Luckily it lasted all of 10 minutes but still...it was there. Spoiling our damn plans.

My mom and her husband showed up. Of course they ate in the car because it was too cold. Whatever. My grandma brought my nephew. My two brothers came along with one brothers girlfriend and my niece. D's grandma came with Tristen and his dad showed up also. It was a good turn out.

We got torpedo's from La Gondola and had chips and soda also. Nothing fancy.

The zoo was all but deserted because of the weather so we had the run of the place.

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