October 14, 2015

{An Uneventful Weekend, Just how I like them!}

This long weekend has been quite enjoyable!

The kids got off early on Friday for school improvement/teacher planning day. My grandma came and took the kids and I to lunch at Culver's. She was going on a week long trip with my grandpas brothers and their wives. So I guess she wanted to see the kids before she left. My grandpa used to rush home after their trips to drop the luggage off just so he could turn around and come take the kids for ice cream lol.

After that she took my niece and the two older kids to see Pan while me, D, and Owen went grocery shopping. Of course that means I bought far more than I should have during my trip.

By the time we got home the older two were home. It was a pretty boring Friday night. We got a movie (Tomorrowland) and a game (for Owen) and hung out in our comfy pants!

On Saturday when I was checking facebook a friend had posted in my mommy group about the sale Target was having on PS4 bundles. The online price was $349 and you got a $50 gift card, plus if you had a Red Card you got another %5 off. So we headed over there to check that out, came home with one of course lol. We got the Last of Us bundle which comes with a game (obviously) and a controller. I'm pretty excited about it if only because they (the boys) have been begging for a new console for two years but we just couldn't see a reason to upgrade yet. We figured a PS would mean we didn't have to worry about not being able to play their favorite games because we don't have any.

After that we did Aldi (I love that store) for more groceries and I found Dawn a hair dryer for Christmas.

Today we all got up and moving around 8:30-9am. I made doggie treats. My brothers wanted some for their dogs and I needed to make some for mine as well. Again, nothing too exciting happened.

Dawn ended up not being able to go to the party she was invited to because she got mouthy with me one too many times about doing the dishes. I still got her friend a gift though so it's going with her to school Tuesday.

D went to visit his grandma and informed when he came back that she doesn't want to do Christmas at her house anymore. The kids are getting older and she doesn't know what to buy them. Not to mention she can't shop for too long for them. He wanted her to come over Christmas morning but I convinced him to stick to Christmas Eve so we have something to do that day/night and I'll make dinner. To be totally honest I've been wanting to switch it up anyway in past years. Her house is just too small for all of us and it's cramped. I like having Christmas with them but I don't like being in a shitty neighborhood and I don't like having to worry about being somewhere at a certain time. Ya know? If you have multiple places you go then I'm sure you understand too.

So that's quite the change.

In other news. The dogs got spoiled this weekend and D is making hot dogs over a fire.

That's all I got today folks. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend too!!
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