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April 21, 2017

{So I Guess We're a Harley Family Now}

You guys. *Sigh* For the fifteen years I have known and been in a relationship with my husband, he has never been a Harley Davidson fan. Not once did I ever hear him say oh I'd really like to have a Harley. In fact, it has always been the opposite. He has always said that he doesn't like them and he had no desire to own one. When we first got together, I thought he was kind of nuts. Pretty much every male in my family has owned a Harley at some point in their life. All one of my uncle rides is Harley's. So to have someone telling me that they're junk, was kind of confusing lol. But he converted me. We had a concours and that was what I liked. I got used to it. We went through two of them.

Goldie and the KLR

We gave up on Goldie last summer because she was just getting too old and there was too much wrong with her. Or at least that's what D said. I don't know if all that is true lol. I think he just kind of wanted a new bike and he needed an excuse to get one lol.

But I figured he'd keep the KLR (the black bike) forever. He loved that thing. He enjoyed hopping on it and just riding it where ever he wanted. Him and his dad actually took a couple trips on them too (one trip was all the way to Canada and around the great lakes!). So imagine my surprise when he walks in after work yesterday (Thursday) and is followed by a work buddy saying he is selling him his KLR (along with a mini bike Gaige has been wanting to sell). The guy got  a good deal on them both.

He then shocks me even more when he tells me that he is buying a Harley from a guy he works with. Apparently the guy hadn't ridden it at all last year (unheard of for my husband...dude doesn't have a bike and just not ride it lol). His wife wasn't a fan either (which is something I will never understand. My favorite place in the world is on the back of a bike.), so he didn't want it anymore. D got a good deal on it. But still, I was a little surprised to have a Harley parked in my driveway.

According to D it's a 2004 Dyna Wide Glide. I know zero about bikes. Like my knowledge of Harley's is equal to D's knowledge of the Backstreet Boys...that should tell you something lol.

It's not too bad of a ride. The seat isn't broken in at all, which I've never had before. Usually the bikes I'm riding have been broken in pretty good. But it's not a bad ride. We took it out for a while right after he got it, then we took it out again on Friday to meet up with another guy D works with. Apparently all of his plant is just Harley riders or people who want to be Harley riders lol. It's a little crazy.

So yeah, I guess we're taking it to Vegas in June. I'm kind of scared it's not going to be very comfortable for such a long trip. But we shall see. We have a month and a couple weeks to make it comfortable for me.

This bike is going to get expensive real fast though. I learned that after our trip to Walter's Brothers today lol.