April 19, 2017

{My Husband Took Me Hiking & I Almost Died!}

You. Guys. Ugh.

When it starts getting nice out, my husband suddenly starts getting these ideas in his head. He wakes up one morning and says today is the day we go on an adventure, and then he drags me along with him...because he hates me (OK...not really but whatever). Friday, my dear friends, was one of those days. One of those days when he looked at me thirty minutes after getting out of bed (me getting out of bed, he woke up at four in the morning because #nightshifter), and says Do you want to take the kids to Starved Rock today? Which of course I say yes to because saying no would mean that I'm the party pooper.

So we load up the heathens for the hour drive to Starved Rock State Park.

D and I have been there a few times together (once we first started dating which I don't remember and I constantly tell him he must be thinking of someone else) but have never taken the kids. I was pretty unsure of how they would take it. Owen and Gaige both love to be outside, but Dawn is not adventurous at all. But there we went. Off on our adventure. Stopping for lunch at McDonald's and Subway (cause who stops at just one place to eat right? Not us.).

I did not remember hiking to the waterfall the few times we were there. I don't have the kind of balance it takes to walk on slippery stuff. Not since I broke my ankle have I had good balance. So I whined a little when it came time to do that stuff lol. Of course D helped me along.

 Of course the whole experience almost killed me. Well I mean not really. But it certainly felt like it was killing me.

 Owen was super done too lol.