April 5, 2017

{She Is So Entitled!}

A couple days ago I blogged about how Dawn had been caught stealing from me, and how I had found this post talking about how a mom had cured her own daughter of an entitled attitude. When I read this, I figured it was worth a shot. It certainly couldn't hurt right?

Of course I have to deal with school, so she will have access to the people she swears are her friends (though she doesn't talk to anyone out of school so I don't know how good of friends they actually are..). But at home she has access to nothing.

Yesterday (Friday) I did all of her laundry (the laundry she is supposed to do but doesn't) and went through it to choose three pairs of jeans, three shirts, and undergarments. She normally keeps her hygiene products in her room so I brought down her deodorant, hair brush, and one hair tie. That's all she will be allowed to have (other than tooth brush/paste, shampoo/conditioner). Dressing will take place in the bathroom.

Sleeping will be in the living room. Normally when I go this route, she has her nice comfy bed to sleep in, but her room is empty. This time, she has nothing.

She will be allowed to do her homework on the old laptop instead of the new chrome book we purchased for them. Of course, even this will be done sitting next to an adult. Especially after today.

I got a headache and went to take a nap this afternoon, leaving her to do her homework on the laptop. I figured that it wouldn't be an issue. I'd explained to her that how long she was grounded and without her things depended solely on her ability to follow the rules. She understood. She wasn't happy, but she understood. When I got up a couple hours later and went to check her internet history to make sure she was doing what she was supposed to (she is a supervised user and can't delete her history) I found that she had been playing a game, and not only playing a game, but had tried to find a way to get around my having blocked the game she was playing (moviestarplanet...don't let your kids play that shit). Upon doing so had downloaded a virus. A nasty one. So nasty that I had to completely wipe the laptop and start from scratch on it. I was no pleased. So now her homework has to be done with adult sitting next to her so she can be monitored.

This is just day one of the whole process. Each week she can go without getting in trouble at home or school she will earn back one item. Be it the use of her bed, her makeup, the ability to get on the computer without an adult, ect.

She thinks I'm horrible for doing this. I think I'd be even more horrible if I sent her into the world thinking everyone owes her something.

So here we go people. I'm sure I'll be back to let you know how it goes. I'm sure it won't be easy. I know there are going to be tantrums. I know there is going to be fighting because she wants her freedom back. But she needs to learn. And if having to sleep on the couch for the next month or so helps her to learn, then it's worth it.