December 22, 2009

{My Crafty Kids or Ornament Making with Small People}

And so it begins..

My creative little (almost) 7yr old.

Even Bug got to help out :)

The drama queen making herself a candy cane.

G made a cross for my mom, a tree for my grandmother, and a cowboy boot to be his ornament for this year. The drama queen made a candy cane for her ornament this year and a hear covered in red dots for her grandma. Bug just made a teddy bear for this year because he lost interest about 5min. in lol. They came out cute though and I'm excited to varnish them and pass them out. Loves it!

Oh, and D just banished me from the bedroom so that he could wrap more gifts for me. I kinda feel like crap now because I have no way of getting him something that he really wants. I went and got him some PJ pants last night that he had been asking for. I have to wonder what's in the boxes, there are 4 total, 2 small, 1 large, and 1 medium. He says they're breakable but I dunno. He could just be saying that to deter me from shaking them lol. Blah. We'll see in a couple days I guess.