December 19, 2009

{What is it with boys??}

When D and I were talking the other day and trying to figure out how to make a little more room in our tiny living room (especially since we have a bunch of people coming over for Christmas Eve) we decided that our falling apart coffee table needed to go. Of course in true D fashion he couldn't just take it to a dump or something, he had to smash it first. And of course G was right in the middle of it, wielding his little hammer and loving every second of getting to cause all that destruction! And of course we all know I can't let a moment pass without breaking out the camera ;).

In mid-jump!

Dad showing him how it's done.

I wrapped most of the presents today. I've got a couple more to go and then we're done shopping! Woohoo!! I'm excited about it. I'm going to clean like crazy this week to get the house ready for Christmas Eve with my mother and siblings.

Alrighty- I better get to sleep now. Later kids!