December 21, 2009

{What? Christmas is When??}

That's right folks, just a few shopping days left to Christmas! Exciting stuff! We still aren't done, we won't be until D gets paid on Wed. Oh well, I'm sure there will be something left on wal-marts' shelves..right? Lets all cross our fingers shall we? I am 1/3 done with my shopping however. I got my 11yr old step-sister a cupcake kit for Christmas. I'm super excited about it! LOL I even called my mom before I got home with it to tell her all about it. I put it together myself courtesy of Dollar Tree, there is a plastic mixing bowl (red), measuring cups, measuring spoons, cupcake tin, 1 oven mitt (with Santa on it), 1 apron (matches the mitt), and 1 cake mix. I'm very excited to see if she likes it as much as I do lol. I was going to go to Dollar General (my 2nd favorite store after becoming a mother) to get my 7yr old step-brother a gift and a gift for Monkey, but I think I'll go back to Dollar Tree and see what I can come up with. I also bought D some PJ pants because I stole all of his because he asked for them. I am pretty happy with my purchases today :). Oh, I also got my hair chopped off too (pics to come tomorrow..cause I look a hot mess tonight). D hates it..again. I suppose he'll live though considering it is my hair. He has yet to figure this out.

I have also finished wrapping the gifts that we do have. Gotta love that. They are stuffed under our bed so the nosy ones can't find them *sigh*. I tell you what though, I'm more excited about G's birthday gift than any of his Christmas gifts. I just can't friggin' wait! Yay! He's gonna freak out! *teehehe*

I also purchased the last of my Christmas dinner today. I'm happy about that. I got a big 'ol ham that I'm going to roll in syrup and brown sugar *drools*. So that completes the Christmas dinner buying, thank heaven. I'm so over it. I do have enough left over to buy some "fresh" veggies for appetizers/munchies. If it's not all ready when people get here I don't want them sitting there starving while it cooks, ya know? It makes me crazy to wait for food at a holiday party..or anywhere really lol.

For those that commented on my good-bye to my great-mother entry. Thank you. I am super sad that we lost her, but I know she is in such a better place now. I know she's going to be horribly missed.

Alrighty- I better get off here and get some sleep. I picked up G from my grandmothers house today and promised him that we're going to do our ornaments tomorrow as gifts for my grandparents and my mother. I also have to get to wal-mart tomorrow or Wed. and get the pictures printed off that I want to give everyone for Christmas. Blah. Busy days. Later kids!!