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December 19, 2009

{Survey Saturday here again!}

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
-Pretty nice.-

What do you want most for Christmas?
-I already got it, a new camera :)-

Do you believe in Father Christmas?
-Sure I do :)-

What is your favorite food at Christmas?
-My moms deviled eggs lol-

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
-Yeah. We're pretty much done, a few other things and gotta get some stuff for my 2 step-siblings.-

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?
-Refer to above..geeze-

What is your favorite Christmas song?
-Blue Christmas by Elvis-

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
-A Christmas Story without a doubt and of course Smokey Mountain Christmas.-

What is your best memory of Christmas?
-Every Christmas I've had with my kids have been full of memories. Before them they sucked.-

What do you look forward to most at Christmas?
-Spending time with my family I guess. Just me, D and the kiddos and the pups (and the cat should he decide to make an appearance).-

What are you doing for Christmas this year?
-Christmas Eve my mother, step-dad, 2 step-siblings, and my siblings (along with their S/O's & kids) are coming over. Christmas day it's off to my dads parents for Christmas.-

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

What kind of Christmas tree do you have?

Do you take part in a secret santa?
-I did this year on CP.-

Do you go to any Christmas parties?

Have you ever had a white Christmas?
-Sure! When I was little it was ALWAYS a white Christmas.-

How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?
-Usually around 6am, depends on the kids.-

Do you still get a stocking?
-No :(-

How many Christmas cards do you normally send out?
-None. lol I'm too lazy.-

What is your Christmas wish?
-That every child would be healthy, happy, full, and safe.-